HOW TO USE THE DOCTORS SAVINGS PROGRAM Members have unlimited consultation fee-free doctors consultations with over 2,700 doctors nationwide.

Our program is a non-emergency medical service, available 24/7/365, that connects you with a nationwide group of over 2,700 board licensed physicians that can diagnose, treat and provide prescriptions for non-narcotic / non-DEA / non-state-controlled substances.


  1. Visit the Doctors Savings Portal or call Sociallity Customer Care at 1-888-922-3539 and listen To The Service Options
  2. Validate Your Member Access Eligibility by providing your Name, Phone Number, and Birthdate
  3. Pick your preferred doctor and request an immediate appointment for a day and time that fits your schedule
  4. The doctor diagnoses your health concern and if appropriate issues a non-narcotic prescription electronically to a pharmacy near you
  5. Visit the pharmacy and present your Member ID card to the pharmacy to receive our medicine contract rates, that are on average 70% – 90% less than the retail price.