Simply follow these instructions and save hundreds or even thousands on your dental care.

Step 1 – Get Your Member ID Card 

If you don’t already have your Member ID, simply complete the enrollment form and you will immediately receive your Member ID Card via email.

Step 2 – Finding A Participating Dentist Office Near You

In order to locate a participating dentist’s office near you simply use the Dentist Locator below.

Step 3.  Schedule An Appointment

Contact the dentist office directly to schedule an appointment.  The telephone number for each dentist office is listed in the Find A Provider result screen.  Please tell the office you are eligible for DentaMax Preferred Provider Network discounted care.

Step 4.  Visit Your Selected Dentist Office For Dental Care

Attend your scheduled dentist appointment, and present your Member ID Card at the time of service.


Your We Can Treat You Now Member ID Card gives you access to the over 260,000 dentists.   Use the dentist locator to find a participating dentist near you, and simply present your Member ID Card to the dentist office upon arrival.

If asked, inform the dentist office that you are an active member of the Diverse Health Benefit group’s DenteMax discount plan, and your dentist will reduce his / her billing rate to the pre-negotiated DenteMax rates.